Pilot project in India

At the moment a Salvitae prototype is being build and tested in Bangalore, India. If the pilot tests validate our assumptions, we will build more prototypes and install them at potential customers in several places in India.

Salvitae in India

Salvitae will be presented during the vibrant Gujarat event in Ahmadabad, India this week. As part of the dutch paviljoen and country seminar on innovative water solutions.

Clean and affordable drinking water is a key priority of the Indian government. Salvitae is a cost effective, stand alone system, that contributes on providing safe and reliable drinking water to rural families. Further strengthening the development of India and the rural areas in particular.

Plant powered clean water production

Salvitae plant powered clean water in India

Salvitae is a stand alone off the grid system that:

  • Performs sea water desalination
  • Uses the evaporative cooling power of plants
  • Requires no external energy source
  • Is fully passive and very compact
  • Cost effective (ROI of < 3 months)
  • Produces clean:
    • Drinking water
    • Destilled water for batteries
    • Irrigation water

Developed and tested by TNO

Further designed by Van Berlo